June 22, 2011

MILK packaging masterpiece

As my Oz friends know 
I personally think that is crazy to do shopping in 
I mean 
12 kinds of Squeezed Orange Juice. 
What for. 
So I'm letterally 
in love 
with the Woolies' 
I wonder 
who's the genius that created this. 

...d'you know what I mean?
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June 14, 2011

how much IRONY you can find in broken heart: Dina Goldstein’s FALLEN PRINCESS

I know that majority of my friends come to me 
to know what's new in my fairytales. 
But last week I had a bit of a FALLING 
so... there you go, 
if you fall down, make sure you are 
a "fallen princess" 
Make sure you're wearing your best dress when you get drunk!!! 

I've totally loved either the 
and the 
irony in the scenes"
of Dina Goldstein’s series “Fallen Princesses”. 
I'm just finding out 
how much IRONY 
you can find in broken heart. 

..d'you know what I mean? 

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June 11, 2011

Head On Portrait Prize - 2011 People's Choice Award

Head On is the nation's major innovative showcase for Australian portrait photography, 
reflecting a vibrant, 
diverse cross-section of new and traditional photographic practices. 
I really enjoyed the "spread presence" of photography around Sydney in the last few weeks... 

Head On Portrait Prize - 2011 People's Choice Award
The winner of the 2011 People’s Choice Award is 
Alex Vaughan for her photograph ‘Les and Eileen’. 

Head OnPortrait Prize will be on display 
till Saturday 11 June. 
Make sure you make time for it. 

..d'you know what I mean? 
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June 7, 2011


Got it. 

The ticket 
to be soooooon 
No it's not a movie, but it sounds like.... 
..d'you know what I mean? 

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June 4, 2011

Vinyl Exhibition

My friend Soyoun took me to the Hardware Gallery's annual celebration of 
art, music and the vinyl record : 
Vinyl Exhibition

As they say in their website 
"2011 is the biggest year so far, 
with 180 artworks in the exhibition and over 
50 more showing across the road at Plump Gallery. Artists from every state in Australia and right across the globe have heard the call 
and embraced the vinyl". 
I'd suggest you to go and BUY a vinyl, 
you could have great pieces, for a reasonable price. 
Below Soyoun Kim work, followed by some other clever artists... 

If you are far from Sydney, 
you could either check out their blog 
or the whole cataloge of the vinyls 

 ..d'you know what I mean? 

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