February 20, 2013

#BIT2013: things I felt in love with

It's been a while since I wrote here on my blog... 
I've sent a 2013 E-Card to most of you, but for those that didn't get it, 
you can find it here
As you can see, I finished the year in a not so conventional way. 
In fact, the general attitude right now is to be content with what you have, and to try to survive this big financial crisis. 
I don't believe so, and even if I understand and see the clouds over Europe, 
I like when I hear the louder, optimistic voices over the general complaints. 
This happened for me in #BIT2013 (International Tourism Exchange). 

Best things of this year’s BIT: 
3rd Place - Puglia: from communication to "experiencing the homemade pasta", from Carlo of Puglia Events to the hotspot for charging your phones... Puglia had the best vibes! 

2nd Place - People I had crushes on: online relationships and communities HAVE TO BE SUPPORTED offline. That's the crush that you can have, and the strong connections you can create. Personally, I had a crush on a few travel bloggers: 
1st Place - my favourite moment wasn't within the Facebook/Google speeches, but the Benigni video at the beginning of "Travel Storytelling Opportunities". 
So, as this is very Bella-style, here’s that video with subtitles
Thank you Alessio Carciofi for sharing it with us. For Italian readers, the video showed was this: 

...d'you know what I mean? 
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