September 30, 2011

La BELLA vita selfhelp 07 - supercheap La Bella Vita in Sicily

Seventh post of la BELLA vita selfhelp is about money and LaBELLAvita:  
La Bella Vita can be really cheap... 
this is part of my culture, 
la Bella Vita is not necessarily expensive, 
it depends on other things, 
you have to be smart, and classy, and have beautiful things to enjoy. 
A TO-DO list from my Holidays in Sicily... 

1-go to Taormina, dolce and Gabbana's fave 

2-when EVERYBODY IS GOING TO HAVE A SHOWER, (Italians, you know, go all at the same time, worry to have dinner asap), 
At 7 pm it's EMPTY. 
You basically GET AN ISLAND, in one of the coolest places in Italy, just FOR YOURSELF 

3-get an APERITIVO: Moretti beer plus olives and appetizers = 7.20 euros 

4-put a nice necklace and lipstick, shoes or whatever makes you feel amazing 

5-get the SUNSET 

6-have a dip if there's FULL MOON much is that??? 
7.20 euros. 

 ...d'you know what I mean?


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September 28, 2011

The Other Side of Sydney - 52 SUBURBS

Almost 2 years ago 
I was overseas 
and all I knew about Australia was 
kangaroos, Bondi Beach, dangerous animals. 
To be honest I just wanted to go to the furthest place from Italy... 

just really randomly I got a crush. 
First signal of "there's something else" 

from her words: 
"My name is Louise. I've lived in
Sydney for over 30 years but had
never set foot in most of its 600+
suburbs. So from September 2009
to October 2010, I explored and
photographed one new Sydney
suburb a week in search of the
beauty in the 'burb." 
This beautiful, romantic, simple, contradditional, clever, pure 
vision of Sydney made my decision, I would say, 
as I've always been an instinctive person, 
I had a good feeling about it. 
I want to thank Louise for sharing 
such not explored side of Sydney, 
and the lovely Irene for inviting me to the exhibition, 
WHICH IS GOING TO BE ON until OCTOBER 9TH @ Museum of Sydney  
And I want to say to 
that Australia is not just about kangaroos. 

(all the photos are from 52 SUBURBS blog, here the book available online) 

 ...d'you know what I mean?

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September 27, 2011

Festival in Tuscany - PALIO DEI LUMI

I'm already back in Australia 
deeply homesick. 
But I had my ball 
I had my 
"BACK TO THE ROOTS" period. 
One of the things 
in my TO DO LIST 
was to be in Tuscany for the 
Festival of my town, 
Palio dei Lumi

It's hard to explain how can a festival mix 

the church, 


beautiful girls, 

amazing artists, 

fires and fireworks, 


sadness(when your team doesn't win) 


all I know is that everything ends up 
in a big general HANGOVER the day after, 

when nobody is on the street and even the only pub of the town 
is closed. 

...d'you know what I mean?

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September 3, 2011

LE CIRQUE INVISIBLE at Giardini di Boboli

When beauty and poetry are so honest and pure, and romantic, 
it's possible to join a public 
made by intellectuals and kids. 
Somehow amazed in the same 
I had the chance to enjoy this 
simply spectacular show of 
Jean-Baptiste Thierree and Victoria Chaplin: 
LE CIRQUE INVISIBLE, at Giardini di Boboli in Florence. 
Very, Very, Capitocome

...d'you know what I mean?

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