September 27, 2011

Festival in Tuscany - PALIO DEI LUMI

I'm already back in Australia 
deeply homesick. 
But I had my ball 
I had my 
"BACK TO THE ROOTS" period. 
One of the things 
in my TO DO LIST 
was to be in Tuscany for the 
Festival of my town, 
Palio dei Lumi

It's hard to explain how can a festival mix 

the church, 


beautiful girls, 

amazing artists, 

fires and fireworks, 


sadness(when your team doesn't win) 


all I know is that everything ends up 
in a big general HANGOVER the day after, 

when nobody is on the street and even the only pub of the town 
is closed. 

...d'you know what I mean?


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