March 31, 2011

butterflies balance

rather than a rollercoaster 
I would say that my image of Love is 
a butterflies balance... 

like the butterflies that you have in your belly 
when you relly like someone 
or like the butterflies of Sia song. 
THIS should be a couple balance. 
Because in some ways, somehow, 
you belong from the same cocoon. 

"We've been to the top, we've been to the bottom 
We've known everything and forgotten, yeah 

You've kicked me around, you've wrapped me in cotton 
You've carried our load, and you've shot 'em 

Oh yes the butterflies are still there 

We've argued by the baggage claim 
We've accepted and we've laid blame 
We've drank Sangthip in monsoonal rain 
We've felt separate and felt the same 

Oh yes the butterflies are still there 

We've shared joy and we've shared pain 
We've shared guilt and we've shared shame 
We've bought into the stupid games 
We've freed each other and we laid claim 

Oh yes the butterflies are still there 

Because we came from the same cocoon" 
-Check out more of Sia music HERE

..d'you know what I mean? 

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