December 25, 2009

Capitocome Season Greetings

/Merry Christmas from the other side of the world/

/Palms & Trees/

/Jesus is not available in stores/

/Christmas & The City/

/Christmas in Summer/

/Christmas in light/

/Merry Christmas by Borsina Dell'Archivio/

/It's All About Money/

/Merry Christmas nel quartiere italiano/

/Non Fiori Ma Opere Di Bene/

/Ale in the Middle Of Christmas/

/Christmas in the corner/

/FLUO Christmas/

/Christmas in Bondi Beach/

/Santa Claus TOY/

/Christmas Stars/

/is Christmas DANGEROUS ???/

/Santa Claus is a DJ/

/Animal Christmas/

/3 Christmas/

/China Window Christmas/

/Blue Blue Christmas/

/Christmas bikini/

/Christmas Luna Park/

/Merry Christmas. 
Antonio e Rosa Sbirziola/

/special thanx to Antonio e Rosa Sbirziola,
per avermi mostrato LE LUCI DEI SUBURBS/

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