May 18, 2011


In the middle of 
no-where of Australian coutryside we found a sort of 
sagra del paese - countryside festival... 
an Australian coutry-version of the 
barrels rolling festival Montepulciano, 

(but here they "throw kids".... ahahahahaha!) 

For further info about the 
barrels rolling festival Montepulciano
Pamela is the author of 15 cookbooks specialized in Italian traditional, regional, and artisanal foods.
 She has been hosting culinary workshops throughout Italy since 1992 
and has made Tuscany her permanent home since 2001. 
Poggio Etrusco is a 5-hectare farm near Montepulciano in southern Tuscany. Pamela achieved organic certification in 2005 and produces extra-virgin olive oil and fruit jams for sale. 
Guests of her Bed & Breakfast and holiday apartments may pick from her abundant kitchen garden and take cooking classes, if desired. 

..d'you know what I mean? 

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