August 10, 2012

#BellaToscana, Between Tuscany and Umbria

... while we're in Chianti, 
I just want to share with you a few photos of 
on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. 
If you believe in 
green hills, 
natural food, 
slow living, 
this is the place. 

All the photos are by Samuel Webster
to see more... 

We're going to take you along, by updating our fan pages in 
Fb Samuel Webster or Bella 
Twitter Samuel Webster or Bella #bellatoscana  and in my blog Capitocome
This is Sam's Bella Toscana official page  
and this is his websitewhere you can check out his amazing preview work/portfolio. 
A special thank you to all people that have already believed in his project, 
and to the project sponsor, Walks of Italy, which offers wonderful walking tours all over the country. 

...d'you know what I mean? 

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