August 24, 2010

Capitocome & Patrizia Laquidara

Once upon a time 
I was making this collection in a flat 
on Tevere in Rome 
such a hot summer 
Patrizia Laquidara's songs just dropped in my life 
in my Collection

This woman is just 
enough girl 
enough woman 
enough deep 
and enough vain 
she's theatrical 
but she's one of the most natural 
person I've ever talked with

She has called her new tour CENTO SOTTANE 
wich is 100 skirts 
as every woman has 
100 skirts  
100 personalities. 

She is wearing Capitocome 
Kadiri Coat. 
I made with her 
this kind of tale, 
of a Doll 
in a little house in the bush 
who's playing to be a Singer. 
Who knows why. 
And who knows what's the next skirt on her.
For now,

...d'you understand what I mean?

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