February 16, 2011

la BELLA vita selfhelp 03 - Passione and Napoli

Third post of la BELLA vita selfhelp 
is about PASSION. 

If there's something that Italians can teach you 
is Passion, with capitol letter. 
I wanna start talking about it 
as a selfhelp. 

Everyone knows that Napoli is such a dirty 
poor city, 
in his way desperate. 
No law, at all. 
So my Australians could ask me... 
How can they stand it? 
You should check out 
Commissioned by Cinecittà and Istitutto Luce 
it's , 
as Dan Fainaru says in http://www.screendaily.com review 
"a letter of love to a city and its music signed 
by an admirer with a selective eye" 
He also says about Torturro's point of view: 
"unlike the Venice gondoliers, 
his preference goes for less sugar and some cutting edge". 

Back to the question How can they stand it? 
These people are so alive because the've got the passion
which becomes a sort of escape, a sort of pray as well, 
which is music, 
which is women, 
which is the best pizza ever, 
and smells, 
and mess. 
John Torturro says something about it. 
despite everything, people are... they're still singing. 
..d'you know what I mean? 

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